Tuesday, October 5, 2010

When Hollywood Outdoes the Church

What do Aragorn, Wallace, Spiderman, and Brad Pitt (who's played no part I feel like honoring in any sense) have in common?

They have the good sense to wear appreciable beards in real life.

Well, to the degree they...have...a real life.

This is an Imago Dei thing, obviously.

Thick in front and sparse on the sides, but a man is never to be judged on biological factors. The degree of freedom one grants what follicles he has is the test of his masculinity (besides, mine grows the same way!) Full mustache development, accentuated by slicked hair.
Score: 7

Lumberjack with nicely patterned white streak under the lower lip.
Score: 9

Boxy. Compliments the babyface in a way that communicates youthful, masculine vitality. Rookie lumberjack with lots of potential.
Score: 8

"...man is not to take his patterns from nature; but neither is he to waste himself in seeking to change her face."
--Richard Weaver
Although some struggle with the latter indictment, Brad Pitt struggles with the former.
Score: 5

So why do I--he who does not own a TV and no longer watches movies--give these beards a mention? To shame the Church into reform.

Brethren, we are outdone by the world. These things ought not to be.

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