Thursday, April 2, 2009

This week's beard-salute: Jon Dyer

Men gather around things. Football. BBQ. Trucks.
Of course, the moment that attention is drawn to the gathering part--which is to say, the moment that focus shifts from football, bbq, or trucks to being together--men quickly disband with a grunt and a swagger. (Sort of like when two guys are walking and accidentally bump hands and both say "Wo..." in uncharacteristically deep voices.)
Well, at the risk of undermining my aim, I'd like mention that men gather around beards, too. I hasten to add that they do not gather around beards, they gather around beards.

Not only do men do so, they do so online. Yes, there is a thriving online beard community, and we'd like to introduce you to it. In that spirit, I plan to post links on a regular basis...the first of which involves a man that I respect more than most in the beard community.

By way of introduction...Have you ever heard of Africa's "big five"? If not, it's probably because, like me, you don't have enough money for your 69 cent morning java, let alone a rocking awesome african safari. Nonetheless, the "big five" is the holy grail of african big game hunting-- taking lion, leopard, elephant, rhino, and cape buffalo. One who has done so is said to have accomplished "the big five."
Well, the world of beards (sometimes known as beard-world) has a holy grail of its own: the big 25. Wanna see? I bet you do. This week's beard-salute goes out to Jon Dyer:

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